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Beek Hill serves global organizations in real estate equity management and capital markets, including operational strategy, capital formation, and investment execution.



  • Managed $1B of debt on transitional assets, primarily in New York City; achieved 15%+ returns on a portfolio of subordinated debt and preferred equity.

  • Trade execution on behalf of institutional fund manager, achieving returns of more than 20% by repositioning portfolio to maximize returns.

  • Provided publicly-traded investment manger shareholders with an additional $20MM of income annually through creation of CRE process manual and cash-flow modeling tool, mentoring junior associates on recognizing risks.



Loan Valuation

  • Beek Hill has extensive experience in valuing loans. Beek Hill can help your firm determine the appropriate strategy for your loan portfolio. Together we can come up with the optimal outcome.


Loan Advisory

  • Beek Hill has experience in managing billions of loans that are experiencing challenging times. Our advisory service will help produce an optimal outcome.


Loan Placement

  • Do you need help raising debt for your commercial property? Beek Hill has decades of experience working with the nation's largest CRE lenders. Let Beek Hill Advisory get you the best terms.


Investment Advisory

  • Beek Hill Advisors has managed billions of CRE investments. From AAA securities to General Partner equity and everything in between. Our advisory group will construct the optimal investment portfolio to meet your needs.


Workout Specialists

  • Foreclosures are very challenging. Let Beek Hill Advisors work through the complicated process and help you maximize your return.


Capital Markets


  • With several decades and $10+ billion of assets under management, Beek Hill has the experience to provide you with best in class capital market analysis.


Capital Raising

  • Are you looking for capital for your commercial real estate project? Beek Hill will meet your capital needs.


Due Diligence

  • Understand the risks and find the opportunities of any CRE transaction with Beek Hill.



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